Blockchain in Real Estate

Real Estate is one of the fastest growing industries globally with a market expected to generate multiple folds of revenue in the coming years. Although the market has grown exponentially, issues such as cost inflation, reliance on intermediaries, and execution...

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Blockchain in Supply Chain

Managing inventory, buying raw materials and trading goods are some of the most critical elements of the supply chain industry. As such, they have transformed with the evolving technology, especially using advanced ones including robotics, machine learning, and...

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Blockchain in Retail

Retail is one of the fastest growing industry in most parts of the world. The bottlenecks of the industry are lack of transparency in terms of product and services and counterfeiting goods gaining traction in the market.Blockchain being a transparent and immutable...

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Blockchain in Banking and Finance

The Banking and Finance industry is primarily about facilitating the trusted exchange of value amongst multiple, untrusting parties. The industry is heavily reliant on intermediaries, manual processes, and vulnerable reconciliations.Today, more and more industry...

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Blockchain in Pharmaceuticals

The critical problem of counterfeit drugs has become extremely pressing, due to the rising economic value of the global black market and the risk to human life that comes from consuming fake medicines. Such issues have paralyzed the industry in terms of growth and...

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5 industries Blockchain will disrupt

Blockchain as an emerging technology is not just changing the face of industries but rather disrupting them. Read our ebook to know how the technology is bringing innovation and eliminating inefficiencies across industries.

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